Congratulations Pixie! Beautiful Pixie was found wandering in our driveway almost a year ago to the day. She was chipped but her owner didn’t want her back so we welcomed her into the Satchel’s family. Initially, 10 year old Pixie wasn’t overjoyed to be in the open cat room and would hide when potential adopters came looking. With the love of our dedicated staff and volunteers, It didn’t take her too long to become quite social and visit with new people. That worked for her last week and now she’s again in a loving home with Juan and Jane. You’ve hit the jackpot baby, enjoy your new life. Thank you Juan and Jane for adopting a senior kitty. She has so much love to give.

Please remember Satchel’s during the Giving Challenge, April 28-29 noon to noon. Your donations help save cats like Pixie, providing for them while we look for their forever homes.