Latest Update on Patches – she uses the litter box every morning when the litter is clean! So in a home with a clean litter box, this precious girl will likely be happy to be able to use the litter box, thus reducing her stress dramatically.

Patches was taken to the vet this past spring to be euthanized because she had chronic UTI and URI issues and was struggling to use a litter box. When we were contacted to save this girl, we just couldn’t say no. She is such a darling girl, just loving any attention that comes her way. Our vet felt the chronic URI and the sometime UTI and litter box issue could very well be caused by the stress of having to share the litter box with several other cats in the home. Our open cat room environment does not help with that. She gets close to the litter box, using the same spot beside it everyday but can’t quite bring herself to actually use the box where many other cats have been. Living stress free in a home as an only cat, may well cure these issues and she will again use a litter box regularly – but it’s an unknown.
We are looking for a foster or adoptive home for Patches with someone who is able to continue to care for her and love her even if her condition doesn’t get resolved. Is that person you? Are you willing to take a chance on this girl and show her what a home as an only cat is all about? She’ll show you so much love in return. She is currently on meds for her URI and takes them every day like a champ.
Patches is 10-11 years old. For an appointment to meet her, please email or call 941-924-5070.