It’s just the beginning of the New Year and we already have something fabulous to celebrate!
The first shipment of our new kennels arrived on Friday (after the truck driving them to Sarasota was stolen in Miami, delaying their arrival until the truck and kennels were recovered 5 days later!). Sunday, we started taking apart our trusty – but falling apart and very rusty, old kennels to replace them with the new ones.
It’ll take us a bit more time and a few more shipments, but soon – thanks to your generosity, our dogs will be safe and secure in the new kennels.
Thanks to all who donated, those who helped on Sunday and to the staff for patiently moving dogs around for us while continuing to do their jobs.
Volunteers cleaning the floor and getting ready to put a kennels into place. One of the rusty old kennels being removed. Chum relaxing in his new kennel. A new kennel being assembled by volunteers.