More on Xena, a medical special needs dog currently in the Satchel’s Rescue, Rehab, Rehome program.
Xena was surrendered when prior owners had a baby and no longer had time for her. Xena began to exhibit some neurologic symptoms shortly after the family had taken her from someone they found on craigslist. Unable to afford medical care, they did the best they could to manage her. Xena does not have normal motor skills. She is unable to walk, is now six years old and has lived with her neurological issues for nearly five years. This certainly doesn’t prevent her from being a happy dog. She loves to play with toys, go for car rides, and be with her people.
To further investigate her issues, we booked a consultation with veterinarian neurologist, Dr. Levine. After examination, Dr. Levine felt there would be little we could do for Xena at this point, since the condition had been with her for 5 years. He suggested we might try a medication regime of a steroid, antibiotics, and an anti-seizure medication to see if there is any improvement. We will be starting the medication this week and have ordered a wheelchair to help Xena get around. This girl is so sweet and we are determined to do all we can to help her enjoy life to the fullest.
Xena’s medical bills to date are $816. To help with Xena’s medical expenses, please donate on the Facebook fundraiser,  or through or donor software