Meet Molly, Cat of the Month for April.
Hello everybody.I’m Molly, and I’m an 11 year old female of the cat species as you can see. I arrived here at Satchel’s in the early 2018 with a serious distrust of humans. So much so, that I couldn’t be petted or approached without becoming violently aggressive. Despite being adopted out once before from another shelter they labeled me as feral. Since being here, thanks to all the wonderful loving and caring staff and volunteers, I’ve learned that most people aren’t so bad after all. Turns out I really do like affection – so much so that I seek it out now! I’m still not real sure about being picked up, but each time it’s a little less scary for me, and I’m sure I’ll get over my fear completely before too long. Gunther, my primary caregiver here at Satchel’s always tells me I’m beautiful, and that I deserve a loving home. What do you think? I think he’s right. After all, I don’t have any bad habits, I’m tolerable of other felines, and I’ve also met a small dog while here and he’s “okay”! So wattaya say? Will you be my dream come true, and make my day? Please!!!……