Greetings to all friends new and old! My name is Venus and I am a gorgeous, brindle goddess, whose wisdom matches her beauty! I am a mixed breed dog, possibly have some Rottweiler in me, and I’m 12 years young without a grey hair in sight. I would love to be the queen of your castle and take my rightful place upon your couch. I would humbly ask that I stay the only queen, since I find most pleasure in my human companion’s company. I am fond of lazy days, lounging with my friends on soft, cushy blankets and beds. I love to be pampered, praised and showered with affection. I do rather adore soft toys or possibly a scrumptious chew bone. Since I have such a luxurious coat, I have a tough time in the heat, but I do enjoy laying underneath a shady tree after a brisk walk. I am a food connoisseur, who loves to try anything and everything! You will never have to fret over a meal, for I will always be there to taste test for you! I once ruled for eight wonderful years with a loving family, and though I am eternally grateful for the love and care of Satchel’s Last Resort now, I am ready to find my castle again. Please come and meet me and all my glorious friends here at Satchel’s Last Resort, we so look forward to seeing you soon!