Meet Satchels’ dynamic mom and son duo, Duchess and Kobe, two more of our precious seniors hoping to find a home during this National Adopt a Senior Pet Month.
We are a bonded pair* of gorgeous tabbies who prefer our own company. Like most tabbies we are very intelligent and a little sassy. Unlike some of our extroverted cat room buddies we hang back and wait for you to come to us. My mom, Duchess, lives up to her name – she’s regal and expects other kitties to move out of her way. I am playful and a real momma’s boy. I particularly love kissing and cleaning mom’s face and head.
I am not certain why she named me Kobe since it means “tortoise.” She must have a strange sense of humor. We enjoy time together grooming, lounging, observing our feline roommates, and receiving treats from our human servants. Speaking of humans (don’t share this), late in the day when they leave and our feline friends are napping, we enjoy sharing funny stories and gossip about our two legged caregivers.
*As a bonded pair Duchess and Kobe must be adopted or fostered together. Duchess is 11 years old and Kobe is 10. Kobe was recently diagnosed with pancreatis and needs to be on a special low fat gastrointestinal diet. Our free-roaming cat room at Satchel’s with food left out during the day, makes it’s difficult for a cat on a special diet.
Not sure you want to adopt a kitty with pancreatis? Why not consider fostering to help us determine if the new diet works for Kobe? If you are interested in adopting or fostering this adorable pair, please email