Hello everybody, or as my kind says “Meow”😹…I’m Sam, and I’m a 10 years young, male cat. I came to Satchel’s a short while ago after my loving person suffered a stroke and was unable to care for me any longer. Before I got to Satchel’s, I was stuck in a house all alone for quite some time and am now extremely shy. A friend of my person came by and made sure I was fed, but that’s the only interaction I received. Then these nice people here at Satchel’s rescued me from that house and took me to this wonderful place where there’s a bunch of other cats and all kinds of nice places to lay and things to play with. Unfortunately it was discovered shortly after that I’m FIV positive, so I was whisked out of there and given my own big room. It is nice and all, but here I am again confused and lonely. I just wish I had someone to love on me. This quarantine is for the birds!! And I’m not a bird, I’m a cat!! I know a lot of you folks out there are quarantined to, albeit for other reasons, but you don’t have to be lonely either, we can keep each other company! Wattaya say? Can we fill this void of loneliness together? And just so you know, I do pride myself on using my litter box. For an appointment to meet Sam, please submit the on-line adoption application (no commitment) found on our website www.satchelslastresort.org and an adoption counselor will get in touch with you.