Meet Prince!

Good day. My name is Prince. I am a lovable, Tuxedo cat who lives up to the Tuxedo tradition. Tuxedos are smart, friendly, and LOVE attention (we’re talkative and like to follow our Moms and Dads around, too). I will offer you a paw when you come to the cat room, but as a true gentleman I always ask first before placing my paws on your arm or shoulder. And, I am fastidious in my grooming program. I wash my paws and face in my water bowl every day. I get along with other cats very well so don’t worry about your other cat children. I am a little territorial and have some spraying issues in our open cat room and the staff here aren’t really sure if that would carry over to a house, but won’t you give me a try and see how do in your home?
If you are looking for a pal who will sit with you and discuss the day’s events; hold your hand at the end of a tough day; or snuggle with you after dinner then you found the right guy. I may be an older gent, but I’m lively and have many years of love in me. When you stop by you’ll find me at the cat door ready to play.
How about a first meet and greet? If you think you’d like that please contact or 941-924-5070.