Meet sweet Patty Mae. This adorable girl was rescued from a county shelter with heartworm disease. Guessed to be not much more than a year old, we have to wonder if this girl had ever been in a home to have gotten this awful disease at such a young age. She does cower around loud humans, so likely didn’t have a great start to life. Patty Mae has spent the past 4 months in a foster home undergoing heartworm treatment and then being spayed once her treatment was complete. She is now a healthy, happy, spayed girl ready to move to her forever home. Patty Mae is extremely docile. She gets along great with the cats in her foster home and has been great with any dog she has met. She loves to cuddle and will fall asleep snuggled up to you as you pet her. She’s very trusting and loving to all humans and doesn’t hold anything from her past against them. Her foster refers to her as “…the most well mannered and gentle dog I’ve ever met.” Patty Mae weighs between 45 and 50 lbs.