Marlee and her 6 kittens were rescued from a stray colony, but you would never think of her as a stray. She is petite and a lovely sample of a tuxedo cat with her glossy black coat, white feet, and fabulous whiskers. Often cats rescued from stray colonies are unmanageable but Marlee tolerated being touched and blossomed in foster care. While she is still wary of new people, she does enjoy being petted. Marlee is not a fan of being held…yet!! Once she trusts you, she shows her appreciation by purring and rubbing on you and, while in foster, she would even come when called (sometimes!) While our staff and volunteers continue socializing her; we are confident that in a home she will become a loving pet to fit in with family life. She loves cheek rubs, treats, and gentle back massages (she got those while nursing and really loved it!). Marlee is estimated to be between 2 years old.

Marlee head shot. Marlee laying, feet crossed looking at the camera. Marlee in a bed with party beach toys beside her.