Meet Mark

Mark is a very playful, young affectionate guy, who loves to run like the wind and test his speed daily. He would likely excel at agility. He can be found jumping in and out of our pools cooling off in the summer heat and, when back inside, flattens like a pancake and takes his nap. He makes no attempt to jump the fence and actually loves to wait in pounce position for you to get close enough to run quickly up to you, sometimes a bit too fast. He is a huge fan of all kinds of toys and will carry special toys around when going out for play time in the yards. Mark is quite the charmer both with people and fellow canines though we have noticed he takes a little time to warm up to strangers. He is very happy and intelligent by nature and, at just over a year old, is looking for a leader, someone to give him commands letting him know what is expected of him. He is an all around amazing, loving, smart, handsome bud. It may take a couple of meets for Mark to warm up to you, but he’s worth the extra visit(s). Because of his “stranger danger” issues, we are looking for an adult-only home for Mark. For an appointment to meet Mark, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) found on our website,, and an adoption counselor will be in touch.