Julia was rescued by Satchel’s in November. She had been hit by a car and was taken for an x-ray to determine if her leg was broken after the incident. Fortunately for Julia, the leg wasn’t broken but the x-ray did reveal her body was riddled with rat shot. What this poor girl must have endured been shot over and over with those pellets! The pellets remain in her as it would be just too painful to try to remove so many. No surprise she is a little afraid of certain noises – clicking of a camera for example – which reminds her of the sound of the pellet gun attacking her. She’s an absolute sweetheart, full of kisses. She appears to like most dogs, although can be a little dog selective. She seems to be obedience trained, knowing her basic commands. Julia is a high energy girl and needs a home with somewhere to run or perhaps a jogging companion. Julia would love a home for the holidays! Julia weighs approximately 60 pounds and is guessed to 3 years old.