This rambunctious, full of life, and even a bit of a trickster, outgoing boy is a whirlwind of energy and has been in a shelter environment for way too long. Tucker has some special friends at Satchel’s who are teaching him social skills and leash walking etiquette in preparation for a home to call his own. While Tucker is an absolutely amazing boy, he still has a lot of training to go in order to be the greatest he can be and we are hoping this training will continue for Tucker in a home. He has shown a protective nature with his “things” and will need patience and reassurance that his precious things will continue to be his. It is because of his resource guarding that we encourage a more seasoned dog owner for this extroverted boy, with an active life style and a fenced in yard for exercise and playtime. For more information on Tucker, please view his profile on the adoptions page of our website,
If you are looking for a challenge that will create a life long bond, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) found on our website and make an appointment to meet our friend Tucker.
Tucker standing in the yard. Tucker laying in the yard.