In late May Meadow was found wondering the streets alone, scared and pregnant. So one of our volunteers took her into safety. With no owner coming forward, a foster home was found and Satchel’s accepted her into our care. Meadow has been in a foster home since being found and on June 16th her babies were born! She has six beautiful little kittens, three boys and three girls. 😻 Their spay/neuters are being scheduled and we are hoping to find Meadow a foster-to-adopt home where she can go to now so she can dry up before being spayed. She must have been someone’s pet in the past as she is super sweet, friendly, social and playful. She has been the best doting mom, taking very good care of all her babies! She is a young girl (estimated to be about two years old) so she is still very playful and silly herself! This young mom will surely melt your heart, as she did her foster mom’s very quickly!

Meadow standing looking at the camera. Meadow laying down looking at the camera. Meadow facial view. Meadow feeding her kittens, looking at the camera.