Luna is in Our Adoption Room at PSP!

Luna is in our Adoption Room at Pet Supplies Plus – Sarasota East, FL (5380 Fruitville Rd). This gorgeous little girl will look right into your soul with those brilliant blue eyes! She is about 5 months old and has not had a good start to her life. We don’t know much of her past but do know that she briefly had a home prior to being brought to a vet to be euthanized when she tested positive for FIV. Even though she had a rough start to her life, Luna is so happy and full of love. She enjoys being near people and loves to sit on your lap! She is a kitten so, of course, she loves to play and she really loves catnip! She is a quiet and confident little girl.
FIV positive cats can live a normal, healthy life. Their needs are no different than any other cat. They need a stress-free home, a high quality diet, standard veterinary care and lots of love. This sweet girl has lots of love to give. We just need to find her purrson who will love her back despite being FIV positive. If you’re looking to be a one cat person or have other FIV cats in your home and are interested in adding Luna to your family, please visit her at Pet Supplies Plus and submit the adoption application found on our website,