She definitely wins Satchel’s smile of the week this week. Tonka is such a happy girl and smiles whenever she sees someone she knows. She isn’t fond of initially meeting new people so slow introductions are required but she warms up quickly and once you’re in her circle of friends, you’ll receive that smile every time she sees you. Her whole face lights up and her bum wiggle starts. You can’t help but smile back at her.
Tonka is 10 years old and has spent a good deal of those year at Satchel’s. While she can be excitable, she wants nothing more than attention from those she loves. Tonka knows basic commands and walks well on the leash once her initial excitement over the prospect of going for a walk diminishes. She’s looking for a quiet retirement home. A home with not a lot of “strangers” coming and going. A home welcoming that smile and her kisses every day. A home with someone to share all her love – she has so much to give. Tonka doesn’t care for other dogs and needs to be your only four-legged house companion.
Please submit the adoption application (no commitment) found on our website,, and make an appointment to meet this girl. It may take a couple of visits before she’ll be ready to go home with you but she’s so worth the time. She’ll will win your heart with her giant ears and exuberant personality.
Tonka smiling up at the camera.