Precious Lila has found the perfect home with Debi, Daisy and Mitzi. Many of you have met Lila at our off-site adoption events over the past several months. She is just one of the sweetest girls ever but is so shy that people just weren’t able to get close enough to get to know her and see her wonderful personality. For those of you who haven’t heard Lila’s story, here’s a little information.
We received an urgent plea from a volunteer involved with a county shelter last September that Lila was badly injured and needed immediate rescue or she would be euthanized within a few hours. Our Satchel’s family went to work and we were able to find a foster for this girl – thank you Carolann! Her injuries were so severe that we couldn’t save her leg but we did save her life, literally at the 11th hour.
Carolann could only commit to being a temporary foster home for Lila but she was able to see, in the 4 months she cared for her, this girl had a beautiful soul and would make someone very happy given time for her to warm up. For the past 3 months, Lila has been patiently waiting at the shelter for her forever family to find her. Debi had seen Lila’s story on our website and Facebook posts and a couple of weeks ago, she reached out and asked the question – can I make this work? So, for the past 2 weeks, Debi has be coming out to meet Lila every day, bringing Daisy and Mitzi for an introduction after the first week. Yesterday, the day finally arrived – Lila became a member of Debi’s family. Congratulations to all 4 of you!
Foster homes save lives!