Billie, Styles and Taylor came to Satchel’s in January after being rescued from the streets. Last week they went into a foster home to receive some socialization. These kittens hadn’t had much human interaction and the foster reports that they were pretty scared and would scatter like the wind when she entered the room. What a difference a week, a feather wand, and some canned food and treats can make!
Billie is still a bit shy but loves being petted and will purr like crazy when you scratch his neck!
Taylor loves being petted and she will purr and roll over on her belly for rubs.
Styles is still cautious but loves playing with the feather wand.
The siblings love to play together so if you’re looking for more than one… If not, they can certainly be adopted individually and will love human play. For an appointment to meet any of these 5-month-old siblings, please submit the adoption application found on our website, and an adoption counselor will be in touch.
Taylor sitting looking at the camera. Billie sitting, eyes down. Styles sitting, looking at the camera.