On September 1st, he’ll be heading off to Tokyo with his sponsor Carlos Borge. Check back in September for his armchair picture to be posted on Facebook and our website, https://satchelslastresort.org/adopt/, or join us at Satchel’s Birthday Celebration on September 9th from 6-10 pm at Big Top Brewing Company to see the video of all the Armchair Vacation photos.
Jaxy is pleased that your donation will help support the medical needs of his canine and feline friends at Satchel’s. Thank you Carlos for participating in our Armchair Travel vacation.
Visit https://satchelslastresort.org/take-a-satchels-dog-or…/ for more information on how to take an Armchair Vacation with your favorite dog or cat.
Jaxy standing in his kennel looking at the camera. Second picture of the passport, suitcase and sunglasses on the outside of his kennel.