Jaxson became a member of the Satchel’s family back in February when his family reached out for help. Prior to Hurricane Ian, Jaxon had a part of the family home to himself where he could roam freely without interacting with the toddler in the home. Unfortunately, Ian damage took that away and the family felt some of Jaxson’s behavior was not ideal with a small child so he spent a lot of time in a crate. Wanting a better life for Jaxson, they asked Satchel’s to find a better suited home. After a couple of months of observing Jaxson to help determine what would be a good environment for him, he was listed on social media and when Caroline and her family met him, they knew he would fit nicely into their home.

Jaxson standing on the picnic table in a Satchel's yard. Mom and dad sitting beside.