Jack, the sailor cat, reporting from Satchel’s Last Resort after Hurricane Eta. The winds were fierce, the rain drove, and there were reports of tornados nearby! I can share that all is well in the Cat Room. I enlisted my trusted aides Candy Cane and Prince to make sure the cats were safe. Candy Cane, with those extra toes, “battened” down the hatches while Prince, ever the leader, corralled all the kitties inside. He regaled them with stories of calm, sunny days and cool nights to come. I was able to share a few stories from my adventures on the high seas. Aboard the USS Felinity, I once made it through a wild typhoon in the South Pacific by hunkering down in a box from a place called Amazon.
Today, the sun is peaking out and we’re looking forward to some “catio” time. This weekend would be a good opportunity to think about having your own Hurricane savvy kitty.
If you’d like to meet Jack, Candy Cane, or Prince, or any of our fantastic kitties, then please email adoptions@satchelslastresort.org or call 941-924-5070.