I’m 2-3 months old. Soccer is my game when I am not wrestling with my brothers. I may be small right now, but I am one tough little girl that does not put up with any baloney from my brothers. I like to cuddle with my humans. In fact, I usually fall asleep in their arms. I like to cuddle with my brothers, too. I am not afraid of noises or the big vacuum that cleans my room. I can be quite vocal when I am in the mood, especially when I am hungry. My foster mommy tells me I am a good girl in the litter box. My foster daddy is my favorite, he holds me all the time and I get to see things from a higher point of view. I’m fast and I love to zoom around my room, and I’m a really good jumper. I like to leap up onto boxes and scratchers and LAPS!! I’m Rey and I look forward to meeting my new forever parents.
Rey playing with a toy Rey laying with her brother Kylo
Rey in the one hand of her foster mom