I have a few extra toes which makes me a polydactyl cat. It’s a fancy word for many toes! The writer Ernest Hemingway had lots of polydactyl cats at his home in Key West so sometimes they call us Hemingway cats. Whatever you call us, our toes mean we are even better at climbing and jumping than other kitties. We’re also considered quite lucky!
I am a petite, soft gray and white cat. Many visitors say I am beautiful (you judge for yourself). I love to lounge around the cat room just observing my feline and human friends. I am not much of a talker. My favorite pastime in my forever home would be lying near you. I am good with other cats, but would love being your one and only.
I am shy when I first meet you, but if you have a little patience, I promise to make a great companion. What do you say? Do you have a little extra time one day to come by Satchel’s and let me weigh you up from my window box before coming out to greet you?
Candy Cane is guessed to be 3 years old. For an appointment to meet her, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) found our website, www.satchelslastresort.org, and an adoption counselor will get back to you.