Earlier this week, LEAD SRQ made a monetary donation to the Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida to assist with their needs after Hurricane Ian left their habit buildings/ area distressed. After speaking with a representative from there they found out their chainsaw had been stolen, they were in need of places to contain small animals, linens (including towels, sheets, pillowcases, etc.) and food for wildlife animals. Satchel’s jumped into action and we loaded a large SUV and presented them with 3 hard shell carriers, numerous bags and cases of wet/dry cat and dog food and MANY bags of linens.
They were genuinely appreciative of the donations and told us how, up until a couple of days prior, they used kayaks to move around the property due to the extensive flooding. Thanks to all that volunteer and work to support this wonderful wildlife center!
Teamwork makes the world better!
A collage of pictures showing the flooding at the center, the sign heading in, and the donations in the back of the truck and on the floor.