When you enter the cat room you will be immediately drawn to my calm and confident demeanor. The staff and volunteers say I am quite handsome which makes me blush. When we first meet I will check you out for a moment and then we’ll be drawn together for some fun time. I love being stroked around my face, ears, neck and back. When I rollover that’s a signal to try a little side to belly rub.
Don’t tell anyone but I am a real kisser, too. I get a little shy after giving you a smooch, but then I come back for more. Like many Tuxedos I am smart, know my name, and like to follow my family members around, but I am not the chatty type. I prefer to be strong and silent.
If you are looking for a buddy who will be a side kick, watch out for you, and be very easy on the eyes then look no more!
How about a first kiss? If you think you’d like that please submit the adoption application, www.satchelslastresort.org, and an adoption counselor will get back to you schedule an appointment to meet me.
Zephyr is guessed to be 11 years old.