Hello from Satchels! I’m Cara a confident and friendly, large female kitty. I have an interesting white and black pattern which they sometimes call Cap and Saddle. The top of my head is black and I look like I am wearing a black saddle on my body. It’s a neat look. I’ve got a sweet face and long long legs. Whenever visitors try to take my picture, I fool them by turning around. They mostly get shots of my tail and rear. I dare you to get that picture purrfect shot.
I enjoy my cat buddies and visitors, but I prefer them to come to me so I can check them out first. Please feel free to ask for me in the cat room so we can get to know one another. Unlike some of my chatty cat mates I’m a great listener. I never tire of hearing about my human’s day.
If you’d like to meet Cara or any of our fantastic kitties then please email adoptions@satchelslastresort.org or call 941.924.5070.