Happy Landings for Goober, now known as Cooper! Adoption follow up.
“I had been thinking about rescuing a dog for awhile but wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted. I knew about Satchel’s over the years of living in Sarasota and my work does an annual food drive for the organization. I saw “Goober” on Satchel’s Facebook page and could not believe he was available as a rescue. I went to meet him at an adoption event and immediately loved him. I knew the adoption process and he would have to get along with my older mini-daschund at home. Both dogs passed with flying colors but I knew lots of work and training would be involved based on “Goober’s” past. I opted for professional training since he was a younger husky mix, I knew I needed extra help and it was well worth it.
“Cooper” has been a great addition in my life and goes with me all over town. Calvin and him are best buds and are getting along great. Cooper loves to chase his ball in the backyard, get belly rubs, and is with me every Sunday at morning volleyball. He is the sweetest boy and gets compliments everywhere he goes. Thank you Satchel’s for making this possible and giving us a wonderful start to 2024.”
What a perfect match! Cooper is living his best life. Thank you David for giving this boy everything he needed to be the best boy he could be.