Happy Landings for Sophie! Adoption story in the adopter’s own words.
I am a recent widow and after settling into my new home, decided I needed a companion, i.e. a doggie. My daughter was visiting me from WV in August so we started making the rounds, going to a couple of shelters and the Humane Society in my area.
We visited Satchel’s Last Resort Rescue and were greeted by very friendly Michal Anne, the Executive Director. She explained that they seldom received small dogs, especially with my specific requirements (had to be small, hypoallergenic, preferably a “doodle” dog and an adult); we agreed to stay in touch, and that we did.
Three months later, she sent me a picture of Sophie, a 5-year-old Cockapoo who was up for adoption; it was love at first sight. Michal Anne arranged a visit the very next day and after a visit we (Satchels, Sophie, and I ) all agreed it was the perfect match. A day after that, Sophie was coming home with me. Of course, there have been adjustments learning about each other.
Coming from a home with another dog, at first I didn’t realize Sophie would benefit from play time with other small dogs. She’s since been enrolled in doggy day care 2-3 times a week, where she’s thriving. During Thanksgiving members of my family, who live in Tampa, including my three grandchildren (21,15 and 5) and their rescue dog, aged 8 came down for the day. Sophie interacted with everyone, including their dog, Chimichanga. It was a win, win situation. I would say she is one happy doggie and I’m one fortunate and happy “old lady” for our match!! Thanks Michal Anne and Satchels!