Happy Landings for Latte, now known as Beauregard! Adoption follow up.
Cheryl has had numerous cats throughout her life who were lucky enough to live into their senior years and she was ready to find 3-year-old Cody a new buddy. She was specifically looking for a tuxedo kitten and when she saw Latte’s photo, she immediately reached out to Satchel’s and was very happy to adopt him. Now known as Beauregard or Beau, he has quickly transitioned into his new forever home and Cheryl says he is a real treasure. Cody adores his little brother and they entertain each other All Day Long! When Cheryl is home, Beau is free to explore his new surroundings and when she has to go out, he adores spending time in his Cat Condo. Two best buddies who will enjoy growing up together and loving life with Cheryl!