Happy Landings for Funyun, now known as Nellie! Adoption follow up.
Sarah and Devon were ready to adopt their first family dog together. They were looking for the right match which would have to be a dog who could get along with their two cats, Klaus and Cleo. Sarah and her parents were at the Lakewood Ranch Farmers Market when they happened to meet Funyun. After spending some time with her, Sarah fell in love with her sweet personality and when Devon met her later in the week at Satchel’s, they knew he would fit in perfectly. Now known as Nellie, they took it slowly with the cat introductions. They used a baby gate to let the new siblings adapt to one another and Devon was able to construct a cat door within the bedroom door so that the Klaus and Kleo could have their own exit to a special area exclusively for them. Although they have not played together, as time goes by Nellie and her feline siblings have been sharing the couch together. She has begun group training classes and is doing fantastic. Nellie is quite the social butterfly and is very comfortable and happy meeting new people. Amazingly, Nellie was the very first dog they met and as fate would have it, she turned out to be the ideal dog for Sarah and Devon!