Happy Landings for Charley.

Charley has been a perfect and joyful addition to our family! Even my “grumpy old man” has softened to Charley’s beautiful spirit. In the morning when the 3 of them wake up they spend the first few minutes giving each other kisses, and every morning after breakfast the 3 of them romp around the house, playing with gusto! Charley is like a therapy dog- he seems to know when I’m anxious or upset and snuggles right in to my chest, bringing me peace. He’s become the neighborhood greeter and won’t let any of the early morning walkers pass by without a pet and a kiss in return. He is already the apple of everyone’s eye and I feel so lucky he came to be with us, thanks to Satchel’s!
Four cute pics of Charley Charley with him adopter and 2 canine siblings