With a personality as strong as the one he is named after, five-year-old Apollo is a legend all his own. He is full of fiery spirit and is eager to go and do almost everything. He is very handsome and knows just how charming he needs to be to win you over. When out in the yards, he runs all over with a smirk across his face, enticing those around to join the fun. His favorite activity is playing ball, showcasing his speed while proudly bringing the ball back, triumphantly. A close second is going on a nice long walk with some of our volunteers. He is in need of some leash training as he can pull at times, and he loves to play grab the leash when first putting it on. He will sit for treats, which has helped, and has shown he is very treat motivated. Toys are also a fun pasttime, squeakers or a good stuffed Kong with peanut butter keep this guy happy. Apollo can be affectionate, showing it in his own way by leaning up against your legs, and is always prompt for scratches, but is not a fan of full on embracement. He has been making more and more human friends, but is not to happy sharing space with other canine companions. With such a large personality, an experienced owner would be ideal for this exceptional dog. Adventure, excitement and a world of opportunity, Apollo would make a wonderful addition to the right home, come see for yourself at Satchel’s Last Resort!
For an appointment to meet Apollo, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) found on our website, www.satchelslastresort.org, and an adoption counselor will get back to you.
Apollo sitting on the grass, head cocked, looking at the camera. Apollo sitting on a bench, head cocked, looking at the camera. Apollo full body shot, standing in the yard. Apollo running in the yard.