UPDATE: The deadline has been extended to midnight on August 7th. Please help us reach our goal!
Thank you to everyone who has completed 75 opinion surveys to support Satchels Last Resort Animal Shelter/Sanctuary! That’s $120 donated, just for answering some questions about brands and companies.
There’s still time to join and give back! All you need to do is text the word “Feedback” to 90412 – ends August 1. From there, select “Satchels Last Resort” as the organization and “Wags to Riches” as the team. Then start filling out surveys! Satchels will receive $1.60 for every completed survey. These funds will help complete the courtyard on our property.
Important FAQs:
1. This service DOES NOT share any of your personal contact info.
2. There are over 2500 companies/products to choose from for your surveys.
3. Each participant is allowed to completed a maximum of 25 surveys/day.
4. Participants can complete a maximum of 75 surveys, which would generate $120 to Satchels.
5. Please make sure to fill out your team – Satchel’s Wags to Riches when you sign up and share your name and email.
6. You will get a welcome email or text….DO NOT ERASE IT…that is how you get back in to give feedback. If you erase it, you will get a reminder text or email about every 2 days and can get back in then.
Courtyard rendering