Foster/Adoptive Home Needed!

Rescue can be hard and heartbreaking at times. We receive a dog or cat in the shelter and we do everything we can to give that animal an enjoyable life until we can fullfill the ultimate goal of finding he/she a forever home. It’s impossible not to get attached. Each and every animal has their own unique personality. Some of the animals that we receive, we know in advance have medical needs and what we might expect for their future. Others come in with no known medical issues and then we are completely surprised and taken aback when the unexpected arises.
Ralph and Misty came in as a bonded pair about five months ago. They had no apparent issues. While both were seniors, they were active and seemingly healthy. A month ago Misty had a medical emergency when she experienced gastric torsion (bloat). She was rushed into surgery. She survived and has now made a full recovery. While delighted that Misty dodged a catastrophic event on her life, we began to notice that Ralph was losing weight. We had upped his rations at mealtime hoping that his activity level in the kennel was causing him to expend extra calories. After the increase, he was still losing weight. Ralph’s bloodwork revealed an elevated white blood cell count. At this time, he was also having some diarrhea. We began giving him an intestinal antibiotic expecting that he just had an underlying infection. When this still didn’t resolve his problems, we took him back for radiographs and repeated bloodwork. His white cell count was still elevated and radiographs revealed a mass in his chest.
Cancer is a scary word. It can mean weeks, months, or years. All we know is that Ralph has continued to be happy and active. He doesn’t know his diagnose. He lives in the now. We will continue to make his life as enjoyable as we can until we find his forever home. We hope that someone comes along that wants to give a couple of sweet seniors that home, even if forever is not that long.
We are looking for a foster or adoptive home for Misty and Ralph. Ralph would be considered a fospice home until he passes and Misty would be up for adoption once her best friend leaves us. For an appointment to meet Misty and Ralph, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) or foster application found on our website,, and we will be in touch.