At seven years young, and on the smaller side, weighing about 35 pounds, Cappy is an adorable boy. His deep brown eyes match his beautiful curly coat. He is very sweet, and quite timid when first meeting, but a short walk and a soft treat makes it much easier for him to open up. He walks splendidly on the leash, and enjoys his strolls with volunteers, going wherever they would like to go. He roams the yards, sniffing the perimeter with a human friend close by, always prefering company to walk side by side. Cappy has made quite a few canine friends as well, and looks forward to his play group days. He has also ventured outside Satchel’s to a few of our events, and has been a star each time, winning people of all ages over with his sweet nature. When playing with toys, soft plush toys have been the obvious winner in Cappy’s book, and nap time just isn’t the same without a cuddle buddy. Looking like a teddy bear himself, this precious boy would like nothing more than to bring warmth and love into your home.

Cappy head shot.Cappy smiling in the golf cart with a volunteer at our Pars4Paws tournament Cappy, full body from the side. Cappy upper body, looking at the camera.