Meet adorable Winston. Back in April, Winston was seen running scared in a neighborhood with a severe head injury. Gunther, our cat staff team member at that time, immediately responded to a call put out to help trap this terrified little guy. Winston was trapped and he joined the Satchel’s family. The head injury healed nicely but, unfortunately, Winston tested positive for FIV which meant he couldn’t be housed with the other cats in our open cat room. We had recently taken in Sam, another cat who tested positive for FIV, so the 2 of them were housed in a separate room. Winston is such a friendly guy and is lonely – he needs a human family to give him love and attention and let him know everyday that his life was worth saving. FIV positive cats can lead a normal life for many years if well cared for in a home. Winston is guessed to be only 2-3 years old and can easily have another 10 years of love to share. If you’re looking for an only cat or perhaps have another FIV kitty at home looking for company, please come and meet Winston – you’ll fall in love!