Our emergency medical fund is the true lifesaving tool we use at Satchel’s to give animals like Doc, Omelette, and Xena a second chance at life. Unfortunately, it’s also the one fund that always needs to be replenished. Without it, we can’t save the animals who need it most like these 3 dogs.

Doc was rescued from a county shelter where they believe he was hit by a car. He has already had surgery where amputation was sadly the only solution. Now, it seems there was more damage than initially assessed. Doc needs more testing and medial treatment to get him up on his three feet again.

Omelette was also rescued from a county shelter, again likely hit by a car, and is suffering from a badly broken pelvis. After reviewing his radiographs with our veterinarian, it was determined he will need a plate surgically placed within his pelvis region, which will require a veterinarian specialist. Without the plate, Omelette may never walk again.

Xena was surrendered to us by a family unable to care for her needs. She exhibits neurologic symptoms, abnormal motor skills, and is unable to walk. Xena is such a happy soul and deserves whatever chance we can give her to improve her quality of life. She has an appointment to be evaluated by a neurology specialist.

The medical bills are estimated to be in the thousands for each one of these sweet babies, but they deserve the best chance at life, and we’re determined to give it to them. Please consider helping us and make your donation today towards our emergency medical fund to pay for their care. Stay tuned for the next few weeks as we update you on the progress of Doc, Omelette, and Xena.