Many of you have followed Destiny’s story since being rescued by Satchel’s 4 years ago. Destiny has been in a foster home all these years, while we continued to look for her forever home. Two weeks ago that happened. Destiny is now home forever. Thank you Kate and Mike for giving Destiny, now Gracie, the freedom of being an only dog in the home. Thank you Iris for showing Destiny what true love is all about for the past 4 years. This girl deserves all the love that has been showered on her by Iris and all the love that Kate and Mike will continue to shower on her. Another Satchel’s Every Day Rescue – Rehab – Rehome.

Below is her story, as many of you may recall, written by her foster mom, Iris Eastman our former executive director.

A long tale of Rescue – Rehab – Rehome but a great story to read. Work at an animal shelter is not easy….but oh so worth it … Satchels received a call on 2/1/16 about a dog in horrific shape yet, with a mindset to survive……they knew her best chance to recover was with Satchels Last Resort. Quickly we assess her condition and arrange for transportation to get her to us and onto Beach Veterinary Clinic where they immediately started to work on her. When I met her, I just dropped to my knees and whispered…..”Welcome girl”……today we will change your destiny and leave this suffering in the past. Thus she received her name, Destiny. She had so many injuries and issues; she was emaciated (46lbs on arrival) from being stray for an unknown period of time, her broken leg was an old injury (how did she survive for any length of time with this broken leg; out on her own). As well as the many cuts on her body. She was heartworm positive, suffered burns on her back, chronic infections, flea & tick infested along with every intestinal parasite. Destiny went through 2 surgeries in her first week. Once stable she had surgery to amputate her severely broken leg. A few days later they surgically sutured her lacerations. Ongoing treatment for her infection, possibly from tick disease. Destiny was hospitalized at Beach Vet Clinic for 2 weeks, where she received all the medical care she needed, quality meals and above all; cared for by people who showed her love & compassion. Some of the staff even spent their lunch hour sitting with her to help ease her anxiety and support her recovery. Finally, Destiny was ready for the next step, a move to a medical foster home to continue her medical care and rehabilitation. Weekly visits to the Vet kept her on track and weeks later she was ready for heartworm treatment. She was a heavy heartworm positive case and we were concerned about her survival but she finally completed her lengthy treatment and we were so delighted! Now time to be spayed. (Mind you this is 3 months later) Day of surgery goes without a hitch and everything is fine. I pick her up and she is happily wagging her tail and ready to come home. A few hours later she is not looking good, although she is not complaining. She never complained about anything throughout any of her treatments. Destiny is easy going and grateful for her care. I reach down to pet her and realize she is cold to the touch. I check her gums and they are pale. Realizing this is an emergency we head immediately to Animal ER of University Park for care. Dr. Egan reacts quickly after initial exam as Destiny needs emergency surgery to find out what is going on. It is determined that Destiny has internal bleeding. Once surgery is completed, we are updated on her condition. She is critical. The bleeding is under control and she is receiving supportive care and they send regular updates/photos throughout the weekend of how Destiny is recovering. Looks like they spoiled her! Finally she can be discharged and we discuss additional testing that should be done regarding bleeding disorders, tick diseases etc. Destiny comes home and she recovers. Now to start training and to find her a special home for this very special girl. Due to her extensive injuries, surgeries and the bleeding issue – no one wants this great dog that just wants to live and love! Days, weeks, months, years go by. Destiny attends off sites, special events etc. And through all this we find that Destiny is not very tolerant of other animals. She is deceiving at first but she does not like to be challenged by any animal. Yet with people she is a wonderful and she loves kids! We had many inquiries and applications but after a through discussion of her “quirks” and responsibilities of having a dog like Destiny; she is passed up again and again. Then one day an angel calls. (Destiny’s earth angels anyway) We discuss all of Destiny’s qualities and issues. Kate & Mike want to discuss it further. But, they call back to set up a meet & greet; which goes great! I urge them to meet other dogs and to be sure Destiny is “the one”. After all, we want the dog to be happy and the only way that will happen is if the parents are happy. A couple more meet & greet dates and they decide to move forward with adoption. Then……..yes, then…..Destiny develops a limp on her only good front leg… seems to give out. A vet visit is scheduled but it is arthritis just starting to set in. After all she has been hopping around on 3 legs for 4 years now and is 20 lbs heavier! Finally, the decision is made to add Destiny to their family. She has packed her bags and changed her address for her new fabulous life as the one and only pet, in her very own home! New life and a new name….. Gracie…… Gracie girl is so loved and adored at her new home. A long wait but worth it! Yes, it took 4 years and 4 months but Gracie never gave up and neither did we Rescue – Rehab – Rehome by Satchels Last Resort! Many, many thanks go out to so many people that helped Destiny/Gracie on her journey to her final destination. Gracie is so very grateful for all the donations that made this possible and all the loving care by every single person who took time out of their life to give her a bit of their love that she so craves  Together. we gave her hope, love, a future, a life worth living that she fought so hard for.