Congratulations Tobie!

Tobie joined the Satchel’s family back in July when his family were moving out of state and circumstances surrounding the move made it impossible for Tobie to go with them. At 13 years old and being a pitbull, his future looked dim. Fortunately, his family heard about Satchel’s and reached out to us. We love our pits and we love our seniors so, of course, we knew Tobie would fit right in with our mission of “nowhere else to go because of breed, behavior or medical issues”.This senior boy was an absolute love and quickly went into foster with Rachel. Tobie has been faced with some senior dog medical issues over the past few months but nothing Satchel’s and Rachel couldn’t deal with. A couple of weeks ago, Rachel decided for Christmas she would give Tobie a new last name and give herself the best present ever – Tobie. Here’s a few words from Rachel.
“I am so blessed to have Tobie come into my life. My beloved 11-year-old terrier passed away in early 2019 and it took me a long time to consider even being with another dog. I started fostering for Satchel’s earlier this year, and after my first dog, they then gave me Tobie. After 4 months, he and I both knew we were meant to be together! Even though Tobie is 13, he loves walking in the mornings and has so much love and affection to give. I would encourage anyone to adopt a senior dog (maybe if you are like me and you had an older dog pass away). I knew at my age I couldn’t handle a puppy or a younger dog with tons of energy. Most senior dogs have been through so much; all they want is to give love and receive love. Tobie is the kindest, most loving, and gentle dog I have ever known. People say that Tobie is lucky, but I know in my heart that I am the lucky one. Thank you so very much to Satchel’s for saving this wonderful boy and bringing us together!”