We don’t know what Rio’s life was like his first couple of years on this earth but his mistrust of people would indicate perhaps it wasn’t the best. Rescued by a good samaritan, suffering from a flea infestation and skin infection, and a lot of attitude, this cutie was just a little too much for her to handle and she reached out to Satchel’s. Rio has been with us since August and had learned to get along with staff and loves his time with volunteers. Although still uncertain about his demeanor in a home, we have been hesitant to promote him for adoption. Cynthia learned of Rio and had a strong sense of need to meet him. She immediately fell in love with him and after ensuring she totally understood the need to give Rio a lot of love and patience, but also be his leader, we agreed Cynthia was his ticket out of here. Rio has been in his new home for over 2 weeks now and he is slowly adjusting to Cynthia’s rules. One step at a time, he will learn to trust again. Thank you Cynthia, and congratulations to you both!