Congratulations Lulu on finding your own family to hang out with forever! Lulu’s life for the past couple of years was spent in a tiny room alone – no windows, no company. Getting out only to do her business. Despite that, she was just the most loving girl you could want to meet. Finally being free to run and play meant she had an abundance of energy which would need to be tamed going into a home. It took only a few weeks for Heather, Calvin and their family to see Lulu on line and know they had to come and meet her. On meeting her, it took only a few minutes before they knew she was perfect for their family. Lulu could expend energy playing with the kids running around in the large fenced yard playing fetch or swimming in the pool. They could tame Lulu! Lulu’s room is now huge – lots of windows, couches to lay on and people to spend time with her – it’s the entire house! Lulu must think she’s in heaven. Thank you Heather and Calvin and congratulations to you all!