Congratulations to Jim and Boni on the addition of a new family member – Jade! Jade was found running the streets of Sarasota earlier this year. Taken in by a good samitarian who spent several weeks searching for her owners to no avail. Unable to keep Jade themselves, they reached out to Satchel’s and, of course, Jade became a part of our Satchel’s family. Jade wasn’t too happy to be in a shelter environment and didn’t show well to anyone looking for a loving companion. She is shy, introverted, a fence jumper and very nervous about walking outside of her immediate surroundings making it extremely hard for potential adopters to see the personality she kept buried from strangers – the personality we, at Satchel’s, knew she had. It took her all of 15 minutes to find her way into the hearts of Boni and Jim. They went through the motions of looking at other dogs, but it was too late for others as they knew they were already smitten with Jade and she was the girl for them. Thank you for opening up her heart and your home to this wonderful girl. We’re so happy she will get to experience the rest of her life in a true, loving home, knowing her fears will disappear and she will learn to live life to the fullest.