When Pat saw 12 year old Holly in Satchels open cat room, Holly was shy and very nervous. She has this tiny, kitten like head and a dirigible for a body. She hid in any corner she could find. Pat decided that Holly needed a home with a comfy bed to live her best life ever. She figured she’d be a hidey cat mostly unseen and not heard. She’d be a good match for her other Tuxedo who is always in sight, friendly, and a chatterbox. Imagine her surprise when after three days of hiding under the bedspread, an amazing bundle of noise and activity emerged. Holly said, “I’m here and you’d better pet me and give me a nice lap.”
Holly had been with us for 2 1/2 years, finding herself at Satchel’s after the passing of her person. Holly had lived in one room alone with mom for many years and coming into the open cat room at Satchel’s proved difficult for Holly. She’s now in her furever home with her new person. The lesson is to watch for the shy ones, the less than perfect ones, the older ones when we think about adopting. Now Pat has two demanding, talkative felines….who thought that was a good idea!