Happy New Years! I’m Cissy, and I’m a 6 year old female cat waiting for my forever home here at Satchel’s Last Resort. I’m really hoping that I get to start the new year off by going home with a special someone. I’m very outgoing with humans and I like to talk a lot. I am a little reserved with other kitties, especially at feeding time. I think I’d be happiest as an only kitty or maybe one or two others, however I do find 20 something a bit much! I like to play, especially with a laser light, and I’d love to follow you around the house talking to you. I know my name and will come out of my hiding place when called. I’m a cuddler too, and would love to lay on you when it’s time to relax. So Wattaya say? Can we ring in the New Year just a few days late together? Pleeease!!!….and btw, I’m not “bad” luck!