After having our veterinarian evaluate him, it was decided that the mass needed to be removed. The pathology report did reveal that it was a soft tissue sarcoma, a form of cancer. The margins were clear and we are hopeful that there will be no recurrence.
Strong as an Ox with the heart of gold, Bruiser is a force to be reckoned with. This handsome Rottweiler of nine years young is always ready for an adventure, searching the front gate for a friend that needs some company. He can not wait till the weekends, when his Woof Pack member comes to take him for a nice car ride leading to new places for exploring and new people to meet. Bruiser adores people, greeting them with side hugs or an excited sniff down in hope of a meaty treat. He can put on a show with a rump scratch, which causes his back legs to dance back and forth, and a giant smile to follow. He does have a bit of a jealousy streak in him, and gets upset if another dog is playing with toys, and lets us know it. He will bark at them, telling us he feels left out, resulting in a new toy for him too. Squeaky toys are his absolute favorite, and he has shocked staff here at Satchel’s when getting into play with one, since some make sounds we didn’t think possible. As friendly as this beautiful boy can be, he does not like going to the vet, or having procedures done, and has let us all know personally. He has not shown much interest in other canine companions, but could hopefully make a friend somewhere down the line. Bruiser would be most comfortable in a home with adults that can respect his boundaries. If you are interested in a strong, lovable, unique individual, Bruiser is your guy, and would love to meet you here at Satchel’s Last Resort.
For an appointment to meet Bruiser, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) and an adoption counselor will be in touch.
Bruiser all smiles, tongue handing out int the back of his Woof Pack leader's vehicle, just face. Bruiser all smiles, tongue handing out int the back of his Woof Pack leader's vehicle, sitting position body view. Bruiser sitting posing for the camera on the sidewalk.