LouLou was originally taken to a vet clinic to be euthanized but the clinic couldn’t see this happening to such a young dog and decided to take ownership and reach out to Satchel’s for help in rehoming. After spending several months at the clinic, she joined the Satchel’s family last October when a kennel came open. It took several months for LouLou’s vetting to be completed which included treatment for heartworm disease. Once, treatment was finished, she joined our Woof Pack program with Karen as her leader. This girl was extremely shy and uncertain of anything and anyone outside of her immediate surroundings but with Karen’s help, she gained enough confidence to start attending off-site events. A friend of Matt’s saw LouLou at our offsite event at Venice Mercato, On The Island and sent pictures to Matt who had recently lost his dog. The following weekend, Matt came out to our event at DOGPerfect to meet LouLou and it was immediate love. LouLou looked into his eyes, and we knew this was someone with whom she felt a connection. Thank you Matt and congratulations to you both!
LouLou meeting Matt outside DOGPerfect. Both sitting looking one another. Matt and LouLou posing outside Satchel's.