Apollo and Rocky joined the Satchel’s family a couple of weeks ago. A few years back, they lost their long time human but, fortunately for them, a family member stepped up to care for them in their senior years. Now, at 19 years of age, they are again faced with losing their human. These boys are deaf and blind and have some lumps and bumps but are overall still healthy and have quality of life out in our play yard when volunteers and staff are able to go out and spend time with them. The picture below shows what they like to do the rest of the day. They no longer seem to have control of their bladder so each of them does wear a belly band. Although, they seem to be content at the shelter, if you have a small room in your home where they can relax with pillows and beds and you are able to take them outside frequently, why not consider giving them a home as a foster parent for the short time they likely have left? Email info@satchelslastresort.org or call 941-924-5070 for more information or to set up an appointment to meet them.