Another long timer loss at Satchel’s this week again breaks our heart.

Sandler, our precious Sandler. Sandler called Satchel’s his home for many years and was loved by everyone who knew him. Sandler had challenges with his back legs for over two years after being diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. Even after this diagnosis, he was able to go on walks with the use of his wheelchair. That, however ceased for Sandler over the past couple of months as he developed weakness in his front limbs. While he got enjoyment from wagon rides and car rides, it got more and more difficult for Sandler to get around without a considerable amount of help. This past weekend, as Sandler struggled to get to his water bowl, he made it clear to us all that it was time for him to move on to a new life and run free again.
Here’s a tribute from Animal Care Supervisor Lacie.
“We at Satchel’s have lost another legend, a king, an amazing friend, our dear Sandler. He has been one of our longest family members here, which means he pretty much knew everyone, and everyone knew him. Even if you didn’t know him personally, you would hear about him. It seemed his fan club was always growing. He was a handful, but always a pleasure to be around, a smile constantly across his face. Sandler was full of life and spirit when I first met him, and was quite the trouble maker. He never wanted to come back in when he had free time in the yards, so catching him was always a game. He played ball all the time, and when he was done, digging a hole and laying in it was the best way to cool off. Food was also a big part of his happiness, I can’t count the amount of burgers this guy put away. He pulled like a sled dog on a race when it was time to visit with volunteer friends, his enthusiasm unmatched. When he started losing the ability to run freely, we did what we could to keep him moving and chasing whatever his heart desired. After getting in his later years, he turned into a cuddle bug, who just wanted to hang out and get loved on. Sandman never lost his spirit, or his smile, only found new ways to enjoy himself, though the wagon rides and car rides were what he loved most towards the end. He was, and always will be, a true hero and a champion and we should learn from him, that each day is beautiful and no matter what happens, chase everything!”
Rest in Peace sweet, sweet, boy. You will be loved forever and greatly missed by everyone who had the pleasure to know you.