We weren’t sure how Andi would react with other dogs in playgroup plus he’s not always comfortable meeting new people so his social life has been somewhat limited. Wanting to show Andi more of what life has to offer, Linda has been working on muzzle acclimation with him. Andi is now comfortably wearing the muzzle when out and last week was his debut in the play yard with another dog. He loved running around with Bernie and even gave him a play bow! As Andi becomes more comfortable, he’ll be introduced to larger groups.
Having Andi meet potential adopters is now an easier proposition as this can happen wearing the muzzle so no harm is done should he choose to make a wrong decision.
Muzzles truly are Life Changers for these dogs who have difficulty meeting people and whose actions in larger groups of dogs are uncertain.
Andi is available for adoption. Visit his profile on our website, www.satchelslastresort.org/adopt/, and submit an adoption application (no commitment) for an appointment to meet him.
Andi (wearing his muzzle) taking in the shade under the table. Andi play bowing to Bernie. Andi running after Bernie Andi watching Bernie take off.